VSJ Flutes Flute Maintenance and Repair

Services – Flute Maintenance & Repair

Bench Rate / Specific Repairs
$40.00 / hour.

Clean, Oil and Adjust (COA)
For a COA, the flute is completely dissembled for cleaning and tarnish removal. Then it is reassembled, oiled, and checked for all adjustments. Up to 2 replaced pads is included in price.

  • Student Flutes: $100.00
  • Professional Flutes: $200.00
Professional flutes only:
  • $700.00 using felt pads 
  • $900.00 using Straubinger pads

Call for pricing.  

Sending Your Flute Via UPS or USPS
If you live a distance away, I recommend using USPS Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation to send flutes. UPS is also a way to send your instrument. Find a box that is 2” all round larger than your flute and use bubble wrap to secure it. If your instrument is valued more than $1000, send it Registered Mail from the USPS for extra security.

Please be sure to put a note in the case with your name, address and serial # of your flute.

We can communicate by email or phone for estimates of repairs.

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